About Madeline Goodwin

Updated: Madeline is a recent graduate of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.
Updated: Madeline was recently appointed to the Lacey Historical Commission.

Madeline Goodwin has been serving her community for most of her life. As a young child, she volunteered at libraries, animal shelters, and retirement communities. At the age of twelve, she was so invested in making a difference that she talked her way into an internship at Sen. Ron Wyden’s regional office in Medford, OR, and was invited to join the Renewable Energy Task Force for Josephine County, OR.

Goodwin began taking university classes at 13 while working with nearby Girl Scout troops and homeschool groups, as well as volunteering with ScienceWorks, a children’s science museum in Ashland, OR. Her college career included involvement with a number of campus groups. Her interests soon led off campus and into the community, helping found a local climate action group, organizing and presenting at various workshops, and volunteering2010attending lobbying events on issues she cared about. As part of her senior capstone, she taught classes on science and government at a local high school.

Upon graduating cum laude from Southern Oregon University in 2014, and making history as their youngest-ever graduate at age 17, Goodwin was accepted to The Evergreen State College’s Masters of Environmental Studies program. With limited educational options for her Mgradyounger brother and a desire to expand her experiences beyond southern Oregon, she and her family moved to Thurston County, WA.

Goodwin’s family has always been both a great support to her and an experience in different perspectives. Her step-father, Robert Bachmann, is a retired Army veteran who joined the family when Goodwin was in her early adolescence and provided a much needed father figure. Their relationship was mutually inspiring: Goodwin was in college at a young age and Bachmann joined her on campus as an older student, getting his undergraduate degree and expecting to complete his MBA at St. Martin’s University in July 2017. Her mother, Corin Barsily Goodwin, is a longtime policy analyst who founded GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, an international nonprofit that works to support neurodiverse families in a variety of educational environments. Goodwin’s younger brother, Dracus, C&Ttook a few early university classes and is currently enrolled at ORLA in Olympia. Since moving to Lacey, Goodwin’s partner, Tallie Jones, has joined the family. She is a former foster child and a full-time student at St. Martin’s University.

For Goodwin, moving to the South Puget Sound was like coming home. Not too big and not too small, Lacey seems to her the right mix. She loved the challenge she found in the Evergreen MES program, from which she graduated last summer. During her time as an Evergreen student she remained involved with the community. She coordinated partnerships with local organizations in her role as Senior Coordinator for MESA, the Evergreen MES program’s student group. She served as an intern for the League of Women Voters of WA, and worked for McollageThurston Climate Action Team on county carbon emissions. She has volunteered for the WET Center for almost three years, and continues to do so. In addition, Goodwin teaches science classes for GHF Online and runs a tutoring and mentoring business, Master Minds, based in Lacey.