Views on the Issues

What we do now in our city will determine the development trajectory for decades to come, whether that is industrial, agricultural, or community-oriented. I believe that a community-oriented, sustainability-driven path offers the opportunity to maintain the character of Lacey as it grows.

Responsible. Over the next 20 years, most population growth in Thurston County will occur in Lacey, both within the city proper and through gradual annexation of the UGA. Such growth requires responsible management to ensure that services such as public safety, education, and energy can keep pace with increased demand.

Sustainable. Lacey is both a Compassionate Community and an EPA-designated Green Power Community. Community-oriented, sustainable growth offers a way to build on these designations by focusing on maintaining affordability, encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurship, and protecting our shared environment.

Prosperous. I believe in the power of community to build great things. Downtown areas are a central part of a thriving community, and help drive customers to local businesses. Encouraging small businesses, building a walkable downtown, and working to expand public transportation options will help Lacey grow without the “boom and bust” cycles seen in so many other places.